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President's Report

Please read this update from ASHE concerning Advocacy Liason Request. If you have any input, please send to [email protected] and we will forward to Johnathan Flannery

Good Morning Advocacy Liaisons,

If you haven’t been made aware we have had a significant event occur regarding our efforts to reduce regulatory burdens on healthcare facilities. The following news article references the event although doesn’t directly report on the specific issue we would appreciate some assistance on:

During Representative Roskam’s comments yesterday he also made statements that CMS fire code citations are “frustrating and overwhelming busy work”. In his comments he specifically challenged the AHA to provide specific examples of this so that the committee can help reduce these burdens. ASHE is in the process of drafting a response and would appreciate any assistance you could provide with specific examples regarding the following:

1)     CMS regional interpretations that are different across regions.

2)     Where building by the I-codes has different requirements than the CMS CoP’s based on the NFPA codes and causes citations or unnecessary work in new construction.

3)     Examples of incidents where meeting codes and standards is “burdensome”, i.e. the requirement exceeds the value of the risk reduction, or are “overwhelming” or “busy work”.

If you can provide these specific examples to me as soon as possible (this opportunity is very time sensitive) we will include these within our response. All examples will be “anonymous” i.e. redacted of all information that would reveal which facility or organization this applies to but the more detailed and specific the examples can be the better – especially if they have costs or labor burden provided.

This is a great opportunity for AHA to get major assistance in helping to reduce the burden of unnecessary requirements within the healthcare physical environment – your assistance would be greatly appreciated and potentially very beneficial. If you have any questions or would like to discuss, please call me on my cell number listed below, thanks,

Jonathan Flannery, MHSA, CHFM, FASHE, FACHE

Senior Associate Director of Advocacy

American Society for Healthcare Engineering


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